2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL
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Product Description


TDA7377 FM radio with amplifier board is a static noise function FM radio receiver and amplifier board, the board set a high sensitivity radio, DSP audio processing, audio amplifiers, LCD monitors and other functional circuit is a complete high-sensitivity FM radio and audio amplifier.

Features and Benefits:

The radio board has the following characteristics:
1. The use of advanced digital audio signal processing (DSP) technology and phase-locked loop (PLL) demodulation technology makes sound more realistic, more stable performance.
2. LCD display intuitive and accurate, with very low power consumption and minimal noise interference.
3. Digital control, easy to operate while making the product more stable and durable
4. Built-in DSP digital processor squelch, no signal automatically muted, away from the traditional FM radio irritability rustle.
5. The automotive-grade high-fidelity stereo audio amplifier TDA7377.
6. 30 level digital volume adjustment range.
7. Support for serial communication control, can be used in place of other computer equipment or MCU button remote control module with TTL serial full functionality.
8. Independent Stereo / mono control, with stronger environmental adaptability.
9. Special static noise signal output terminal, a signal can be extended to control external devices through static noise.
10. Multiple expansion port, adapt more occasions.

Specifications and parameters:

Supply voltage (AC) 9 V
Supply voltage (DC) 12 V
Output Impedance (headphone channel) 32 Ω
Output impedance (speaker channels) 4 Ω
Headphone power 100 mW
Speaker Power 30 W

External terminal with operating instruction:

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL
1: Power input port:
You can Input 8-12V AC or DC 10-17V, the board comes with rectifier filter, the input DC voltage don't need distinguish positive and negative points.

2: FM external antenna terminals:
With a short wire or shielded cable to connect the external FM antenna, wherein the shield layer of the shielded wire to the ground.

3: Static noise signal output terminal (the line circuit is connected to the LED), GND (ground), B_LED (blue LED), R_LED (red LED). When you open the static noise function, this terminal outputs a signal for quiet restlessness, while LED indicates the status of the static noise, two LED level is reversed.

4: Key:
Left to right are
(1): V-: Press the volume - ,Long press continuous -
(2): V +: short press volume + ,Long press continuous +
(3): F-:
CH Mode: short Press Channel - ,long press up station search
FRE Mode: shortPress frequency + 0.1MHz,long press frequency + 1MHz
(4): F +:
CH Mode: Press Channel - long press up station search
FRE Mode: short Press frequency + 0.1MHz, long press frequency + 1MHz
(5): P: Press the mute / play, long full-band auto search and save radio stations
(6): MODE:Short Press in FM => LINE (line input: Insert LINE line will have this mode) between => IDLE (standby) mode. Under FM mode, press to set the static noise threshold

Automatic squelch threshold (threshold) Setting Description: Down Press PAUSE button to enter the automatic squelch threshold setting screen, the user can adjust the operation of automatic squelch threshold depending on usage, press F +, F- adjustments are range t00-t20, the higher the value, the more limited the door, the more likely a weak signal is muted, the smaller the value, the lower the threshold, weak signals are less likely to be muted. Generally adjusted to between t02-t05, t00 static noise threshold still closed impatient function (factory default is t00 closes the static noise function).

5: LCD Display: Shows current mode, status, FM frequency, and other interface

6: Terminal mode settings:
(1): CH / FRE: F + / F- button function setting, when float automatic station search mode F + / F- + for the channel / channel - function. Short to ground frequency is set to manual mode, F + / F- frequency + / frequency - set up under the function (off state set if and then POWER ON active)
(2): STEREO / MONO: FM stereo decoder / mono setting when vacant FM stereo decoding mode, short to ground FM mono decoding mode (real-time response setting)

Setting Stereo / mono switch Objective: Due to different stereo decoder with mono decoding principle of decoding a stereo signal occupies a wide frequency band, the signal quality requirements are relatively high. So while listening to weak stereo broadcast signal to noise ratio will be low, it will produce more noise floor. In this case the circuit can be changed to monaural reception state, to improve the signal to noise ratio of the output signal. Mono mode, although no stereo effect, but the noise is relatively small, but to make better listen. In other words, this switch is in order in the case of weak radio signals used to improve the signal to noise ratio, switching to mono can make in case of weak radio signals relatively clear voice, so high-end stereo FM radio are reserved for Stereo / mono switch in order to achieve greater environmental adaptability.

(3): 87.0 / 76.0: campus radio band set off when vacant campus radio band frequency range 87.0-108.0MHz. When pulled to open the campus radio band frequency range 76.0-108.0MHz (off state to set it and POWER ON active)

7: LINE input interface:
(1): LINE_L: line input, left channel
(2): GND: ground
(3): LINE_ R: line input, right channel
(4): CNT: line input detection port, down to detects LINE input, automatically switch to LINE mode

8: PHONE line audio (headphone) output connector:
(1): PHONE_L: line audio output, left channel
(2): GND: ground
(3): PHONE_ R: line audio output, right channel
(4): CNT: detection line audio output port, down to detect the audio cable into the line there, the line is automatically switched to the audio output mode

9: TTL serial port:
(1): GND: ground
(2): TX: TTL serial port side
(3): RX: TTL serial port receiving end

10: USB AUDIO Interface:
(1): GND: ground
(2): DP: USB - DP
(3): DM: USB - DM

11: external key interface (trigger buttons on the ground all valid):
(1): GND: ground
(2): MODE: See key functions MODE
(3): PAUSE: see Key Function PAUSE
(4): F +: see key functions F +
(5): F-: See key functions F-
(6): V +: see Key Function V +
(7): V-: See key functions V-

12: amplifier output port:
SP_R +: positive right channel speakers
SP_R-: negative right channel speakers

13: amplifier output port:
SP_L +: positive left channel speaker
SP_L-: left channel speaker negative

14: 3.0mm audio output interface: audio output interface functions as

15: 3.0mm audio input interface: The functions are the same audio input interface

16: USB AUDIO input interface: functions and interfaces as USB AUDIO

Selection of peripheral devices:

(1): The power of choice
<1>: FM Radio belongs radio sensitive equipment, interference from nearby radio receiver may affect the results, such as a microwave oven nearby, high-frequency welding, or high-power motors, etc. are likely to interfere with the normal operation of the radio.
<2>: board comes rectifier circuit, power can be input DC 10-17V, AC 8-12V, do not distinguish between positive and negative power supply.
<3>: recommendations from the battery or power supply frequency transformers. A high-frequency switching power supply glitches should not be as of this product.
(2): the speaker selection
It suggested the use of one pair of 4Ω / 30W or 8Ω / 30W speaker, to maximize the efficiency of the power amplifier.
(3): Antenna Selection
<1>: is mainly responsible for the antenna to receive radio waves from space, according to selection rules antenna length of the antenna as close to 1/4 wavelength of the receiving frequency, e.g., the 100MHz to the receiving station, over which the antenna length L = (velocity / frequency) / 4 = 300000000/100000000 = 75cm.
<2>: We recommend using a dedicated FM radio whip antenna.

Package included:

1 x FM Stereo Radio TDA7377 30WX2 Digital Amplifier Board DSP+PLL

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL

2x30W TDA7377 FM Stereo Digital Radio Amplifier Board DSP+PLL